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Know Your Life and Finances

These articles may be helpful to University of Minnesota students and other people looking at housing options and life choices.

1. Even young adults should start estate planning
         Basic planning can avert disaster if the unthinkable should happen.

2. The Invisible Rich
         The biggest barrier to becoming rich is living like you're rich before you are.

3. The Campus Tsunami
         How will online classes change learning?

4. Taking More Seats on Campus, Foreigners Also Pay the Freight
         Foreign students contribute to a diverse atmosphere and help keep
         costs affordable for domestic students.

5. Mackay: Success begins with taking responsibility for your actions
         One of the basic steps toward success in life is learning to take
         responsibility for your actions.

6. Debt tools and information resources
         Used well, debt can help you get ahead, but used poorly, can drag you
         down. This is a list of tools and resources for learning about and
         managing debt.

7}. Roth IRAs for Kids
         Starting to save for retirement now pays off.

8. Financial Tips For Credit Card-Smart College Freshmen
         Avoiding getting into trouble with credit cards is surprisingly easy.

9. A Soaring Housing Market: College Apartments
         How to play the boom in upscale student housing.

10. 4 ways to handle overdue student debt
         Strategies for dealing with overdue student debt.

11. Drive Trumps Talent
         What do you need to succeed? Work ethic is most important.

12. ‘Upscale’ complexes paradox to college life
         High-priced loft-style apartments near campus are unrealistic for
         college students.

13. Sweat the Small Stuff
         College students sometimes learn the hard way that paying with
         plastic eventually means real money out of their pockets – and
         it adds up fast.

14. Conduct code faces changes
         The University of Minnesota student code of conduct may extend

15. Binge Drinking By College Students
         Binge drinking is one of the most serious problems on college
         campuses today.

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